Official Motorsport Teamwear the facts …

What to look for in officially authorised team wear, the first thing is to buy from a reputable distributor that is selling authentic, official, licensed products. You will be able to tell this if they are offering the full product range and also sell team wear from a number of different teams.

The next thing to look for is the packaging is it labelled and does the label show the holograph sticker. Many products will have this especially the team shirts and Polo’s. This sticker shows that it is an officially licensed authentic product.

Now as for how its made, most of these products are under license from the major teams Mercedes AMG Petronas, Scuderia Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. The clothing from these teams is also manufactured under license from a larger company for example PUMA. They are of the highest quality of material and as close as possible to the clothes that the team wear. The trace teams approve all of the official merchandise and follow strict guidelines to make sure they are happy with how their brands are being represented.

If in doubt only buy from a reputable distributor that you trust such as ourselves we have been a distributor of official merchandise for over 10 years…our new web store is currently in development and will be ready in the next few weeks.


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